When your IT strategy is aligned with your Business strategy, your Board of Directors and Finance Group will have confidence that your team is driving the growth of the business and meeting its objectives.

As an experienced CIO with a career in technology spanning the public, private and not-for-profit organizations Chapin contends that the majority of IT departments are in reactionary mode instead of directing and partnering with business strategic planning, Chapin offers insight, direction and inspiration to move to a seat at the Business’s decision table.

In most cases Information Technology is not sexy and does not attract the attention of the mainstream media or the interest of company stakeholders in studying its details. But, the largest budget in a company must be understood and partnership with the business must be guaranteed to move the business strategy forward. That is where Chapin is the master at ensuring technology is an enabler of the Business Strategic Plan (IT Strategic Planning).

Technology is intricate and a mystery to most of the people in an organization who spend time in ‘front of the camera’. One way Chapin achieves success is by putting technology into tangible, understandable images and has a reputation for communicating technology’s challenges and immense scope in real, ‘non-technical’ terms.

It takes a great deal of finesse and collaboration to maintain the trust of the Board of Directors and maintain a seat at the decision table, as well as, creating cooperative partnerships and keeping the engine of a high performance and effective team humming. For more than 30 years Chapin has been perfecting this process. He is known as someone who maintains ‘calm’, puts things in perspective and considers all interactions and discussions as a form of progress.

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  • Developing a Partnership with the Business
  • Developing a Cost Effective Technology Strategy and Aligning it with the Business Strategy
  • How to Present Your Technology Plan to the Board
  • Building Engaged and High Performing Teams
  • Effective Management of Resources
  • Establish Accountability Targets
  • Streamlined Processes
  • Effective Project Delivery
  • How to Present Your Technology Plan to the Board
  • Cost Effective Technology
  • Develop a Partnership with Suppliers
  • Strategic Vendor Management
  • Improved Governance
  • Establishing a Technology Council
  • Business Interaction Model and Performance Matrix

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