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Are your Board members informed about the risks or value that technology can bring to your organization?

The worst situation for the board is to learn too late that risks have been under-managed, important information has been stolen or a key project is significantly over budget or late or worse yet -fails. Recent research suggests that the very people hired to protect and enhance shareholder value may not have much knowledge about IT risk.

Chapin helps Boards assess and manage technology risk. He also works with Boards to assess new technology initiatives to determine if they align with the Business strategy and will bring value to the organization.


Technology risks come in many forms:

1)  IT infrastructure risk
2)  IT project risk
3)  Business continuity risk
4)  Information risk

ICD Certified Director
Chapin is a valuable resource for private, public, crown and not-for-profit organizations with national and international business and consulting experience. With over 30 years of experience in the financial and insurance sectors and combined with his incredible Olympic experience, Chapin has developed an intricate international professional network. As a Board Member or Advisor, Chapin will bring strong business and IT oversight to your organization.


Chapin’s Board Experience Includes:

  • Alberta Pension Services Board Member
  • Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
  • Technology Advisor for the Pacific Blue Cross Board
  • CIO Association of Canada Board
  • Bell Canada 2010 Olympics Technology Advisory Board
  • Nortel CIO Advisory Board
  • SAP Insurance CIO Advisory Board
  • CIO Executive Summit British Columbia– Governing Body Chair (2008 –onward)
  • Executive Member of the VANOC Board of Directors (comprised of many of Canada’s top business, government and sports leaders)

Chapin participated in the following:

  • IOC – IT Advisory Session on cost effective technology – Lausanne, Switzerland 2010
  • Sochi – Transfer of Knowledge Forum – Russia 2010

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